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Water System Information

General Water System Information
The River Rock, Cobblestone and Landmark subdivisions are all connected to a common central water distribution system.  The water for this system comes from 2 large supply wells permitted as "Public Water System" wells by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).  Water pumped from these 2 wells goes to a 250,000 gallon buried concrete water storage tank located on the west side of the pond.  Water from the tank is pumped to the distribution system through a series of 5 booster pumps.  The pumps are turned on automatically depending on the system pressure and water demand for all of the subdivisions.  Because these pumps vary in horsepower size you may notice pressure increases and decreases as large and smaller pumps turn on and off.  There is no backup power to the booster station building.  If the power goes out, the water pressure will drop very quickly and water will not be available until the power has been restored.  Once restored the booster pumps will automatically kick back into operation and pressure will be restored.

General Water Quality Information
As a public water system, the River Rock County Water & Sewer District is required to conduct routine sampling of the water and submit reports to the DEQ.  Each month the system is sampled for coliform bacteria.  Other parameters like lead, copper, VOCs, SOCs metals, radon are sampled every 3 years according to the sample plan the DEQ sends to the District. 

When the water system and wells were constructed a sample of the water was sent to Energy Labs for analysis to provide backgorund information on the general quality of the water.  A copy of that report is provided below.  The water hardness for River Rock is highlighted in yellow below.  Hardness levels are usually expressed in one of two different units, milligrams per liter (mg/l) which is also parts per million (PPM); or grains per gallon as calcium carbonate.  River Rock's water has about 200 mg/l of calcium carbonate in it which is equivalent to 11.6 grains per gallon.  This is considered to be "hard" water according to industry standards.

River Rock Water System General Water Quality Report (April 2013)                                                   
  Printable Water Quality Report


River Rock Water System General Water Quality Report (1998)                                                                                   
  Printable Water Quality Report

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