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The federal consumer confidence report (CCR) rule requires all community water systems to provide annual drinking water quality reports to their customers by July 1st of each year.  Water systems that serve more than 500 but less than 10,000 persons are required to publish their report in one or more local newspapers, or send the CCR to all of its customers.  The River Rock public water system serves approximately 3,400 people, so the CCR is mailed with a monthly bill to the customers of the water system each year.  Click the links below to view the CCR's for the District's water system for the current and past years.  The files are in pdf format so you will need a pdf reader like acrobat reader which is a free to download and install.

Each CCR has a summary table that shows sample test results for coliform bacteria, nitrates and lead and copper if lead and copper has been tested during the year. For more information about the CCR visit the EPA website at

Current Year

2017 Consumer Confidence Report (PDF)

Past Years
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